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What We Do

What We Do

Groundswell helps create lifelong stewards of the Grand River Watershed and the Great Lakes. We support educators who want to move beyond the classroom walls and teach students through their own communities. Groundswell students engage in real-world problem solving by identifying an environmental need in their community and working with partner organizations to solve that need.

Engage Students

School Partners_smEngaging students in place-based environmental education within their communities by supporting student-led stewardship projects.

Build Partnerships

For Orgs Building partnerships between schools and community organizations to enhance opportunities for schools, students, and their communities.

Support Educators

For Schools
Providing sustained professional development for teachers in place-based education and environmental stewardship in the Great Lakes Watershed.

“When I started working with Groundswell and PBE, everything came alive. All the activities the kids did were authentic because they were connected to their community. Learning becomes more like play. The avenues are endless.” – Rosemary Lucchese, Groundswell Teacher

Learn More

Please visit our Projects page to learn more about the exciting and impressive projects undertaken by Groundswell students.

If you have questions about Groundswell, or if you would like to get involved, please contact us.