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Grand Rapids Public Museum School

We introduced our students to the watershed, helped them to learn about the factors that impact its health – including macroinvertebrates, water chemistry, and native and invasive species. We then empowered students to take on a project that would impact the watershed near the Museum. Students looked at the Stormwater Management Plan and decided that they would like to help spread the word about pet waste in the system. They also stenciled drains and handed out flyers about the damage that is caused to basins.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship
I found in this project allowing students to see the needs right outside the doors made them more aware of issues in other places. When they were able to “tackle” an issue, the confidence rises and they are more likely to take on other issues. I also believe that this project help establish a culture of stewardship in our new school.

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Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Grand Valley Metropolitan Council / Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds
Grand Rapids Public Museum

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

stormwater, runoff, NPS pollution, aquatic macroinvertebrates, pet waste

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