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Pinewood Elementary School

Using water quality monitoring kits, students in 6th grade science classes learned to measure water quality in a creek at Hager Park in Georgetown Township near our school. We expanded our activities at the creek by incorporating macroinvertebrate monitoring (obtaining and utilizing portable microscopes). In addition, we cleaned and marked storm drains on and around the school grounds to reduce stormwater impacts to the local watershed. To support these efforts, students designed and distributed informational materials related to their project. The final goal for the year was to report our findings at the Student Showcase, at a township town meeting, and at a school board meeting. Students led at all three presentations.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship
This place-based project will not only change our community but will empower our kids for future difference making. They will always remember how their hard work changed our community for the better! They know first hand how to make decisions in their personal lives that reflect what they have learned from this project.

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Grand Valley Metropolitan Council / Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds
Georgetown Township

Baldwin Foundation

stormwater, runoff, macroinvertebrates, storm drain marking, E.coli

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